What can Business Mentoring do for Me?

If you are currently running a business, or thinking to start a new business and feel you could do better if only…   There are several reasons why a business runs well, or not so well. The main reason for business success is that your business model runs smoothly and are aligned with the real needs of its clients.

Some of the main reasons why business owners struggle are:

  1. Not providing the service  or product for the right client
  2. Not knowing who their ideal clients are
  3. Not defined the best niche
  4. Having preconceived ideas about what clients can afford
  5. Not listening to natural outer changes in markets
  6. Not asking for and paying for appropriate help

Establishing a Business Model for Success used to include the famous 4 P model: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. These  components do not stand up in today’s markets. Money making in a shortsighted way,  is no longer sustainable for the world we live in. We must also add the new dimensions to business that provide a brighter future for all involved:

  • Global Sustainability
  • Providing Real Value
  • Healthy long term Relationships
  • Satisfaction on all Levels of Distribution
  • Heart Centered Motivation & Spiritual Aspirations
  • Ceasing to enable Fear Patterns

We are now in a contracting phase on the Earth, where most patterns of fear and limitations are exposed. You might have experienced this already as lack of money flow, resistance and panic type actions.

You do not have to stay in this contraction for a long time if you become aware of the beauty in raising your spiritual vibration. How this might look like for you might be:

  1. Increased Inspiration: Getting out of a negative mindset will give you renewed energy and fresh ideas on how to solve problems
  2. New People: By being more open, you automatically attract new people into your life, such as new client and new business ventures
  3. New Products or Services: How you solve challenges can result in new business directions and a change in what you offer

If you are interested to learn more about how to change your situation you can check out my free video training. Get access to it here: Manifesting your Intentions