The Pocket Grid – Eleven Healing Stones

Crystal Grids in the small format, goes a long way for emotional peace.

crystal grid

Chakra Alignment Grid. Notice the black and the white stone on each side.

Recently we have got questions about Crystal Grids and how to use them. And I asked a friend of mine about what topic she would find most interesting to know about. The answer was to learn more about emotional balance, and how to solve feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

I immediately rummaged among my many treasures, and came up with a quick solution that you might want to try. The Pocket Grid.

You can do many small grids with the eleven stones that is included for example:

  • Place the whole bag on your heart to access what is going on
  • Use one stone to analyze how to proceed
  • Place the chakra line grid in front of you to tune your chakras

The Pocket Grid includes some special stones including: Black Tourmaline, Blue Flash Moonstone, (from the top) Silver Black Beryl, Rubillite, Rhodochrosite, Maderia Citrine, Peridote, Pink Morganite, Aquamarine, Gem Elixir grade Amethyst, and  Clear Topaz. (at the bottom).

The first two is intended to create the horizontal balance and grounding, and the rest (in order) are programmed to work on the following chakras: Earth Star Chakra, then Root, Sacral, Navel, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. The image shows the chakra alignment grid.

crystal grid

Pocket grid and bag.

If you want to take advantage of this Crystal Grid we have only 22 sets for $14.95 each, which includes shipping and tax in Ontario.