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Manifesting Abundance Top Three Crystals that nurture your financial goals

In this series on manifesting Abundance with Crystals, I’ll discuss three vital healing stones to use that have made a difference to me, but first I’d like to thank all of you for supporting my work, especially my sponsors, crystal graduates and loyal crystal friends who have supported my work, without your genuine interest and friendship this website and The Crystal Lotus would not be here.

Unless you are independently wealthy, most of us are faced with recurrent demands to manifesting abundance every day, week and month of the year

The best way of manifesting abundance is to not restrict your creative flow! There are some clues to manifesting abundance with crystals that we can inspect:

  • When you think of manifesting abundance, do you cringe or  smile?
  • Do you FEEL you are good at manifesting abundance?
  • Do you actually apply what you already know about manifesting abundance?

More coaching on HOW to manifesting abundance with your crystals in future posts. Now to the stones:

Citrine is the first crystal for manifesting abundance!

I truly think that Citrine is an exceptional gemstone, especially the natural

manifesting abundance

Natural Citrine Devic Temple

Citrines that are available. There are several reasons for this choice of healing stone. In all the healing work I have been involved with, clearing and removing obstacles is the main thing to do, if healing is to be accomplished. Citrine certainly fit the bill here, by its nature to help clear negativity and causes for non beneficial behavior. There are several varieties of Citrine. I personally enjoy both Brazilian and as well African Citrines. To generalize: Brazilian Citrines work more on the intellectual level than African material I have resonated with. Some of the deep gold African Citrines are just right for manifesting abundance, they for sure juicier.  You may also consider the formation in which Citrine manifests.

  1. Generator Points (including Devic Temples)
  2. Cathedral Lightbraries
  3. twinned crystals (so called Tantric Twins)
  4. Elestials
  5. non terminated, tumbled stones

Each of these formations will provide you with a different angle for manifesting abundance. One does not have to be fussy here. If you have some tumbled Citrines use them first! Now if you require fine tuning then we investigate the other formations further. To summarize: A generator would help you ground your manifesting abundance in the physical realm, a Devic Temple attracts useful helpers to assist you, a Cathedral Lightbrary is a supreme meditation tool for investigating the akasha (Akashic Records) and the origination of your current situation. Tantric Twins are for joining something together, lower self with the higher self, or over-coming inherited patterns. Elestial will require an entire chapter by itself, all I can say here is: use it only if you really are sure you want to discover who you are…

Manifesting Abundance with Pyrite

The very first page in The Crystal Lotus Handbook has an image of a Pyrite Sphere, this is not a coincidence. It was in fact this very sphere that helped me realize my dream to write and complete my book. Two young girls are holding it in their hands, which symbolize to me that in creativity and manifesting abundance, one must stay in a childlike frame of mind. Pyrite is an earth stone with strong mental aspects, and compared to Citrine it magnetize and draws in what you want on a tangible physical level rather than clearing away. Pyrite comes mainly in Dodecahedral clusters, Cubic forms and Nodules. I find that nodules works fine for manifesting abundance, my sphere was made from a large nodule.

Golden Imperial Topaz a supreme device for manifesting abundance

The two forms of Golden Topaz that I have experienced are the regular golden version and a rare Purple Topaz variety that appears to me more effective on spiritual abundance rather than a physical level of material wealth. Topaz directs the crystal user towards healing dysfunctional beliefs and judgements relating to manifesting abundance.  That is all for now… Please share your comments on this post!

Many Abundant Blessings,

manifesting abundanceMargherita Crystal Lotus, Community builder at Chakra University on Facebook & Google+ Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

PS. Enjoy your crystals and manifesting abundance at the same time.