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Healing Talisman – How to make and use (video testimonial)

A healing talisman can be made to help you recover and heal. The healing talisman is used for repairing emotional injuries and adjusting our inner beliefs. When you make your healing talisman, you tune it to your intimate and private personal situation. No-one needs to know what you are working on, except you. This is the key when teaching how to make healing jewelry and crystal talismans.

Healing talisman testimonial from a crystal healing course participant about making her own healing Talisman Mandala necklace:

How to make your own healing talisman?

In our crystal healing courses you will learn how to use your intuition to guide you on your healing journey. And in the course Create Healing Jewelry you learn the first steps of that plus the essential techniques to set and combine gem stones and beads. As you may realize, each course is very different because the issues of persons attending are always different. Making a healing talisman is a strictly confidential and personal matter.

How to use a healing talisman?

A healing talisman that you have made yourself becomes a potent tool for self discovery and you wear it! By wearing your healing talisman you are reminded to what you need to heal, you might not always know it but subconsciously you know. We recommend wearing a healing talisman for three months, or at least 21 days. In most cases you know when you are finished. So you do not wear your beautiful pendant or necklace as normal jewelry -You see your healing talisman as a crystal healing tool! Someone else seeing it doesn’t need to know why you are wearing it, but you do.

How is Margherita qualified to teach making a healing talisman?

In addition to the official bio of Margherita: She is an intuitive artist coming from a tradition of knowing how to look at something, and then express what is seen in some type of media. Her mother began teaching this to her and her four siblings at a very young age. The media could be kid’s crayons, finger paint, arranging toys and sewing doll clothes. Her father played beautiful classical music including Mozart, Beethoven and Bach on the piano. You might have heard of the so called Mozart Effect, basically listening to Mozart’s music help connect the neurons in the brain for holotropic thinking. In other words perceiving a more complete picture of what is occurring. Margherita was very fortunate to have this support as a small child, because she can help others who did not. It is never too late to learn this. In her healing talisman courses she uses this capability to train student to become more holotropic.

In addition she has studied jewellery fabrication, gem setting, silver smiting, casting (George Brown College in Toronto) and faceting, cabochon making (via local gem club). Margherita favoured working with wire, which is the fastest way to actually produce a healing talisman right away for someone while they are present.

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PS. Thanks for reading this far about making a healing talisman.