Testimonial: I have worked with Margherita since 2004, and all I can say about her ability to get healing results is this: she is incredible… Within a few minutes in a healing session with her I go directly to the Nancy Peel core of what is going on, and the relief is so deep, especially when it’s over phone or online. I feel more comfortable in my own space, and I trust her implicitly.

I can recommend her to anyone who is looking to get clarity and confidence to move forward to empower themselves to act towards their heart’s desire.

Nancy A. Peel, Transformational Coach and Online Business Guru



Abigail van Clieaf

Testimonial: In March of 2012, I contracted Margherita of The Crystal Lotus to construct a business plan and GemCodes to get my business back on track. The previous 5 months had been the worst I had ever experienced in the 7 years that I have owned my dental practice. My monthly gross revenue was way down, stress level was high, employee happiness/job satisfaction was at an all time low. The GemCodes was designed and programmed to address these problems. The image was loaded on all the computers at the office as well as on each staff member’s cell phone. The results were incredible!!

In April of 2012, my gross income had doubled to that of March of 2012. In fact, we set an all time record reaching the highest gross income we had ever experienced!! Our revenue maintained a 55% increase and we proceeded to reach a 2nd all time record 3 months thereafter. Job stress levels were lowered and employee happiness returned once a certain staff member was let go and a business relationship with one of our vendors was dissolved. The results were achieved within one month.  I highly recommend Margherita to help reach your business goals. Her keen sense of business is a great attribute to her business consulting and coaching skills.

Abigail van Clieaf is the Owner of Brampton Denture Clinic and Wellness Centre


Testimonial: I started working with Margherita a couple of months ago. She IMG_7298 natalie webhas helped me to emerge and express myself in an incredible way. Her guidance and mentoring is priceless for anyone wishing to embark on a personal and professional path of success. Her efforts have been an instrumental force in helping me organize and understand what it is I wish to express with my book and video series. The process of paying her fee has been equally healing, as it taught me that I am completely worthy of investing in. If you become one of the lucky few to work with her, I congratulate you.

Sincerely, Natalie Campanella, Author of the Upcoming book “Free you Inner Dragon: Timeless techniques to increase in vital force as you age”


Testimonial: As a fine artist & intuitive energy worker, with many gifts and talents I was scattered with trying to focus on too many fronts.  Margherita coached & encouraged me to define my special talents, and charge the proper fees for my work. My love of intuitive daR IMG_0373energy work along with spontaneous photography brings people out of their “shell” and inspires them to shine in my photos of them. I am grateful for Margherita’s vision of perceiving the value of this type of photography in today’s online visual presence. Her combination of defining my talent & situation, helping me one step at a time to ground a solution which works, and weekly check-ins – all stabilized a new supportive and inspiring foundation for my success.

darinka blagaj, Soul Essence Portrait Photography