Live Trainings

fractal purple energyWelcome to the Live Trainings and Workshops Page!

Who is this for? 1. Anyone who are interested to do inner healing work to solve their problem, issue or condition. 2. Students of crystal healing modalities, including Healing Jewellery. 3. Healing Arts Practitioners.

Current ‘Energy Body’ Training REPLAYS

You Can find the replays posted of past live trainings on the Healing Portal (currently Healing Jewellery) Members Area. Register for free account, or login Here!

Energy Body Basics

How to use your Intuition to guide you to Happiness

Change your Mind – Change your Life!

Are faulty Money beliefs influencing you?

Emotional Balance – A masters practice in life

How to attain true Freedom from Stress and Overwhelm

How to Heal and Love with Compassion instead of Neediness

Anatomy of satisfaction and dis-satisfaction

Staying Grounded in Emotional Storms

Train your Inspiration to Blossom

What is your Happiness Index?

How to help without Co-Dependency