Hot Crystal Sale!

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Crystal Categories:

0. Pre-Sale Stones  Open!

1. Crystals for Creating Abundance, Prosperity and Financial Freedom   Open!

2. Calming & Dealing with Stress Crystals  Open!

3. Crystals & Beads for Healing Jewellery makers   Open!

4. Crystals for Love, Intimacy and Compassion  Open!

5. Release that icky Pattern recurring theme in your life crystals (these are the ugly ones, just a warning these are the most powerful)  Open!

6. Speciality Items and Trainings Open!

7. Get that darn-stuff-done stones Open!

8. Crystals for inspiration, beauty and energy 

9. Open your Feminine Side crystals & stones 

10. Spiritual Awakeners and Meditation crystals 



Lovely Margherita,Thank you so much for sending the crystals. Your crystals are much more potent than the highly polished, filed down crystals sold in the new age shops. Wishing you a magical week ~ Love and blessings, /Deb

One lady asked about the shipping of her crystals and said: Sorry to be so impatient, but I love your crystals and find them to be powerful.  I will check out your last two categories, as I might buy some more. Thanks again!.


Thank you so Much Margherita!!!! ~What a HEART warming surprise to see the the Support your heart grid!!!!

Thank YOU!!! I have finally Had a chance to tune into every piece in this order!!!!So Much Gratitude for each!!!!

Thank YOU!!!! Wishing you a Magical day in ALL ways!!!! xoxox/ Rhonda

Dear Margherita, Thank you so much for the love and care that you put into the entire process of transferring our beloved Crystal Friends safely to our homes, and many thanks also for the thoughtful inclusion of the descriptions. I know it requires extra time and effort, and for that I am grateful.  I am deliriously happy and grateful today as I am writing this note to you in the company of our Friends who have arrived today and are settling into this new environment.

I feel privileged to be able to host these new Friends. I am speechless and so moved, especially to be able to welcome the Devic Stargate. I am overcome with emotions to be able to live and work alongside Her for the period intended. I had made a strong connection to Her as soon as I saw the offering. I recognize Her to be a key component in the confluence of energies that comprise the healing forces made available in the co-creative therapeutic work I do. I had started being aware of an enormous Lightlibrary in my treatment space and when I saw the photo of this Devic Stargate, I knew that it literally is a ‘key’ that unlocks the healing codes held in this Lightlibrary. I literally feel the space in the treatment room becoming a portal. I am in awe of how exquisite this Devic Stargate is and the richness it holds.

I am not always able to make the purchases that I would like but I so appreciate who you are, what you do and the service you so lovingly provide. These Crystal Friends could not have come through a more loving heart! My heart is full, thank you! With much appreciation and love, Grace


Dear Margherita,

Thank you so much for your crystals – the energy they radiate is palpable.  Also, thank you for the extra crystal and beautiful box they were sent in.  My manifesting ability has really jumped, since I started working with your crystals.  It seems as if, all I have to do is think about something and voila ~ it manifests. /Deb

Dear Margherita,Your amazing crystals arrived after supper last night (we have a new mail lady and she is still learning the rural route) and you cannot imagine how thrilled I was to sit down and one by one open these very special packages. The information package you sent is very helpful and also much appreciated. Many thanks, and I look forward to getting to know and work with these beautiful treasures. Blessings, hw


Dear Margherita, I have just spent about 2 hours opening my wonderful parcel and greeting all of my new friends.  They are all so special and I just love them.  I feel very lucky, and am very grateful to you.  I can tell how much time you must have spent packing them all up so carefully, and the love comes shining through! Thank you so much!

Can hardly wait for the next series to come up.  You are so knowledgeable and know how to explain everything in a down to earth way that everyone understands.  You are truly a teacher and I your humble student.  M.D. / Live Training Participant

Your grids are really working 🙂   AW /Hot Crystal Fan comment

All your grids are so powerful and working exact on what you felt that they will…  They are really-really helping…  Thank you so much…GL/ Hot Crystal Sale super-shopper



I have had love and reverence for gemstones my whole life – even studied to become a Graduate Gemmologist, but I have always felt that there was more purpose for these pretty crystals than to just adorn us… It was gaining a greater understanding of the metaphysical aspects of these beautiful stones that has pulled it all together for me. / Susan Gunter, Gemmologist

Thanks to Margherita`s training, I now speak with greater confidence about gemstones and have ventured into doing crystal therapy, which I would never have thought that was something I would or could do.

 Margherita is an intuitive healer, and she has been very helpful in my own healing journey. Although sometimes challenging, I feel she has helped guide me towards a better place in my heart and in my life. /Sue (Crystal Healing Graduate)

“I am so thankful for the gift you sent to me…The Aquamarine… It is wonderful and has such a feeling… My throat chakra with the 3rd eye and crown are vibrating like crazy…. It is my Angel. They are gorgeous… How many times can I tell you thank you… the word infinite is proper here… All the crystals are saying Hi with all the love,..”