New World GemCodes 2013

Having left the old paradigm of the 5th Sun on the winter solstice, we can now look forward to the new era of Peace and Prosperity that has been predicted. What does this actually mean? The Mayan end date is past! The ancient Mayas did not provide further data for us. Evidently it is now up to us here and now to continue where they left off. To support you on your particular journey I have created a special gift for you. The New World GemCodes 2013, download free below.

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The New World GemCodes 2013 for Peace & Prosperity and more…

A gift of an intentional image to work with your mind

The Crystal Lotus GemCodes are intentional affirmations, they are in fact Healing Prayers to the Divine, to help you. The New World GemCodes 2013 is intended for you to:

  • Receive the life and abundance you believe is possible
  • Embrace and integrate the shifting energies occurring now
  • Manifest and support the alignment to your personal mission
  • Help you to allow inner change to evolve as a fully empowered spiritual being
  • Develop compassion for all beings and realize we are all connected

You can down load a high resolution image for your desk top or mobile phone. I also provide detailed description how to use it as well. Free Download Here:

Download New World GemCodes 2013 desktop Download New World GemCodes 2013 mobile

GemCodes General Instructions

  1. Add your GemCodes to your desktop, screensaver and cell phone home screen.
  2. Print your GemCodes as a small card and place in your home, bathroom mirror, in wallet, on fridge and other places where you most often look. Even part of the image works, as it is holographic.
  3. View your GemCodes as much as possible during waking hours to imprint your intentions and allow your inner transformation to manifest.
  4. Continue for at least 3 months, or until you notice satisfactory results. Monitor, Journal or document daily any changes and results you see. Celebrate any change however small.

If you want to use these GemCodes image for business purposes, or as part of your sales promotion on or off line, inquire about acquiring the copyright to do so. You can also have your own personal and business GemCodes created to your specific intentions.

Learn more about GemCodes for Life & Business!

Love is an infinite field of blessings – feel it!

Margherita Crystal Lotus


Margherita Crystal Lotus

Intuitive Business Mentor & Author, specializing on Resetting your Mind to Success