Crystal Grids with Female Quartz

Gemstones, and especially female Quartz are helpful to remedy and adjust the energetic environment. This can be in a room, or around where you meditate.

Why would we want to change the energetic environment?

mv grid crystals 128

Margherita with a half moon crystal grid of Female Quartz.

The reason is, it helps us to feel better. And when we are in a better state we can better adjust to challenges, illness or temporary conditions. Music can alter the energetic environment in the audible range of frequencies,  color is also known to affect  our moods. Crystals has a similar effect when we use them with intention. A crystal grid installed around our work area help us to focus or learn more effectively. It depends of course on the stones, and the needs we have.

How does a Crystal Grid work?

Think about is as small beacons set around a circle, each beacon resonating with all the other beacons to create a field of resonance that is strongest inside the grid. Being inside that grid then is like a frequency shower, it helps align your present energy levels to the grid.

Earth itself is a massive grid, that is why it is so rejuvenating to be in nature. By making a Crystal Grid in a work area, or bedroom we select a grid that will help us. In a bedroom you might  use a calming grid of Female Quartz and Blue Lace Agate. Female Quartz harmonizes erratic energies and blend emotions to higher degree that regular quartz. And Blue Lace Agate helps to calm us for restful sleep.

How to recognize Female Quartz?

This type of Quartz has a very slight opalescence, or moon luster inside each crystal, and a very soft feeling when touching the surface of the crystal.  Most female quartz originate from Brazil, in contrast to the highly masculine varieties of Quartz we find in Arkansas for example. Female Quartz is a high quality quartz that has Aluminum atoms in its structure. So look for softness, clarity and luster.

 How many Crystals are needed for a Crystal Grid?

The minimum number of crystals is 3, which create a triangle. The ideal number of crystals is 12 or more. With 12 crystals you can create a projection of the dodecahedron on the floor (or on the ground) and as well work with a variety of other sacred geometrical pattern for your grid. A master set can include 22 0r 24 crystals.

If you have a matched pair one for each hand, you can start an internal grid to create an internal field of balance. The benefit is your left and right side begin to communicate with each other.

What to look for when setting your Crystal Grid?

Normally we check in on the following vital points:

  • Have enough points so that you can feel a clear resonance inside the crystal grid
  • Notice if it is better to have the crystals point in or to the outside
  • Apart from Quartz points (which is essential in general) add 3, 6 or 9 tumbled stones and/or mineral specimens to get a specific effect
  • Always clean and prepare the grid area, and the crystals before the grid is laid out (cleaning clearing and having an intention)
  • Set the grid for the most beneficial outcome for all concerned

How long time do we keep the crystal grid in place?

Usually a grid can stay in place for any length of time. It depends on your intention. If your grid is to be in place for more that a week, which is usually the case for bed grids, make sure you keep the grid clear (with prayer or smudge) and occasionally clean the stones and the area underneath as needed.

Enjoy your work with Crystal Grids, and Female Quartz!

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