If you are you a stressed and exhausted professional woman who wants to overcome past hurt and overwhelm and finally deal with your personal challenges – You are in the right place to seek coaching!

 Inner Freedom is not a luxury, it is a necessity!


Inner Freedom is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

I am Margherita Crystal Lotus helping stressed professional women overcome stress and struggle, and discover their purpose in life and business. As an Intuitive Mentor and Healer, I love seeing my clients flourish when they experience transformational healing in their life. In my life I had to adapt to emotional responses and financial challenges that were truly devastating for me. But, when I accepted that I created my own life experience, everything changed for me! You too can have this life changing transformation and access the healing potential available in your heart.  Contact Margherita!


Nancy Peel Testimonial: I have worked with Margherita since 2004, and all I can say about her ability to get healing results is this: she is incredible… Within a few minutes in a healing session with her I go directly to the core of what is going on, and the relief is so deep, especially when it’s over phone or online! Nancy A. Peel, Transformational Coach


Business Prosperity is Possible for you!

If you are a woman in business, or starting a new business who want to establish your brand with strong financial goals and clarity, and need support to bring your business to the level of success you desire. I am here to assist you. If you are in the healing arts, or entrepreneurial field, and believe in your own capacity to create a sustainable business, take constructive action right now to step closer to your goal. Contact Me!


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Testimonial: In April of 2012, my gross income had doubled to that

of March of 2012. In fact, we set an all time record reaching the highest gross income we had ever experienced!! … The results were achieved within one month.  I highly recommend Margherita to help reach your business goals. Her keen sense of business is a great attribute to her business consulting and coaching skills.

Owner of Brampton Denture Clinic and Wellness Centre

  Testimonial: Margherita coached & encouraged me to define my special talents, and charge the proper fees for my work. My love of intuitive daR IMG_0373energy work along with spontaneous photography brings people out of their “shell” and inspires them to shine in my photos of them. I am grateful for Margherita’s vision of perceiving the value of this type of photography in today’s online visual presence. Her combination of defining my talent & situation, helping me one step at a time to ground a solution which works, and weekly check-ins – all stabilized a new supportive and inspiring foundation for my success.

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Spiritual Expansion to go beyond what you know!



If you are on the Spiritual Path, and want to improve, and hone your intuitive, healing and spiritual abilities, you have the options to engage in my on-line programs, or private coaching. Understanding and mastering your inner energy system and your spiritual bodies are part of my online Live Coaching. To learn more Contact Me!


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