Chakra Healing: Crystal Intensive Retreats

chakra healing

Soul Star Chakra, as interpreted by Margherita. Crystals and Meditation facilitate the state of awareness to access our own chakras. In the Crystal Intensive retreat we explore our purpose and what we come to do! You are about to discover yourself!

Have you ever wanted to know what crystals and chakra healing are all about? Well here is an opportunity to find out. Let me tell you what you might experience in a Crystal Intensive retreat:

Go to the core of your being to experience the joy that comes with chakra healing, and to discover who you are, is an adventure if you let it. Crystals is the medium with which you can open yourself. How does this work?

chakra healingThe resonance of crystals acts similar to a sonic cleaner; they vibrate on a subtle level and target areas where energy are stuck. For a person that means that old energy patterns such as past hurts, and emotional baggage can be released and chakra healing take effect. The result is joy, abundance and a mind that can make clearer decisions. But it is up to you how deep you want to go – after all it is your journey.

So what can you expect to experience in the crystal intensive retreat?

It is a weekend get away where you might set your self free to experience yourself in a gentle way with meditations, good vegetarian food, and surrounded by crystals. It is an all-inclusive weekend with meals, shared accommodation, materials and on opportunity to reach your own core. Chakra healing is part of this, as it is through the subtle energies that the change you want can manifest.

Chakra healing is the main topic, and comes naturally when you are ready. We make a personal crystal tool to take home. It can be in various forms: a crystal painting, wand, an amulet, a crystal medicine bag, a shield you choose! Making a personal crystal tool affects chakra healing, as you have an opportunity to work with yourself while being supported in a group, and then we take you on a journey both on foot and in your mind. In this meditative journey you may meet your true self one on one.

I want to know more about the Crystal Intensive Retreat on July 27-29, 2012!


chakra healingI am delighted to again offer Crystal Intensive Retreats, now at ‘Enchantment Healing Retreat’ my new home in Kingston. Come and enjoy!

Blessings, Margherita Crystal Lotus, Community builder at Chakra University on Facebook & Google+Author of The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals.

Crystal Intensive Retreat details:

Arrive: Friday after 4 pm. Departure: Sunday: 4 pm. Vegetarian Meals: Dinner 7 pm, Breakfast table: 8-9 am, Lunch: 1 pm.  You bring what you need as far as snacks, or specialty food, personal toiletries etc. If you are tenting: bring your own tent and sleeping gear. Directions will be given once you are registered. We are about 14 minutes drive from downtown Kingston on a secluded 17 acre property, walking distance to Lake Ontario. Public beach is only short driving distance away. I want to know more about this.

PS Do not miss this chakra healing adventure surrounded with joy, friendship and peace.