Chakra University

Chakra Tree logo for Chakra UniversityWhat is Chakra University?

Chakra University is a learning nexus within The Crystal Lotus, for chakra wisdom and awareness. We invite chakra wisdom keepers, healers, therapists, teachers and anyone seeking knowledge of chakras to join, read, ask, learn, comment and share what they know.

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Why learning about CHAKRAS?

Chakras are portals  into our human subtle anatomy, where we may gain an entryway into to our very blueprints. Having access to your own blueprint means to fully integrate your higher self, this in itself may give you immense power over your life.  This is self-realization. In the past millenniums very few individuals  gained total realization. No where in earlier times has the opportunity been so available to achieve this as just now. The same goal as for true healing in general. When we are in this state we are completely healed from anything that might afflict us. We cannot promise to get you there to this goal by joining Chakra University. However, you may gain insights and the keys to enter within here. Then you take it from there.

 Chakra University Topic Areas

Chakra University is a learning place, a forum, where you can browse your areas of interest. List of Topic Areas for our Chakra Studies: Chakra Anatomy, Chakra Energy, Major & Minor Chakras, 10 Chakra system, 12 chakra system, 144 000 Chakras & Enlightenment, Vedic Chakras, Individual chakra descriptions, Applying Chakras in daily life, Chakra Healing, Crystals for the Chakras, Chakra Curriculum, Chakra Tests, Chakra Dowsing, Chakra Colors, Chakras and Emotions, Power Chakras, Wisdom Chakras, Chakras and Ascension, The Afterlife and Chakras, Chakras and Soul Body, Using our chakras consciously, Images of Chakras, Mantra and Chakras, Chakra Therapy, Art Therapy and Chakras, Chakra Balancing, Chakra Alignment, Other peoples chakras, Chakras in Intimate Relationships, Chakra Dysfunction, Chakra Meditation, Opening and Closing a Chakra, Chakra Anomalies, Alta Major Chakra, Chakras and the High Bodies, Baby Chakras, and more…

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