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How to write healing stories to create a book?

Healing stories are difficult to share especially if your details are gory and personal.

In my case, I had no money at all a few years back, I could hardly get my rent paid. So I started to write healing stories to pick myself up! The next day I found a forum for writers. I felt like I was in a home environment with friends supporting me. I had no idea that this particular action would eventually to bring me to write healing stories in a bigger way. It actually brought me to write a novel in 100 days, with over 100K words!


The Color Game book.

What is the story about?

In the dreams of Ida you can find yourself, and the events that had shaped your life and how to heal inner wounds and traumas. Ida is in a coma, after an accident that turned her mind to explore her inner world of energies. Thoughts, and feelings are energy forms circulating in our bodies. The many levels are coordinated by powerful energy organs, called chakras. Imagine that you travel between them as planets, that have different colors. Seen altogether they appear like a rainbow through your body. In this story you are supported with help from the beings on each planet. The Color Game originated as an idea to blend healing with a fantasy sci-fi story, like Alice in Wonderland mixed with Star Trek. The intention for this novel is for you explore your inner energy system as well, so you can deal with what had harmed you in the past and also to discover your inner joy and happiness.

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