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Touching Love for Real

 Learn the three ways to know Real Love.

Root-and-inner-heart-lotus-400px1Imagine being fuzzy with love for someone special. You desire him (or her) so deeply that you cannot detach yourself from this idea. The yearnings tug you apart inside. Let me ask you is that real Love?

I remember bouts of this yearning in my youth. But every time love came to touch me it went away after some time. It never lasted. And it got worse in my relationships, it was a tug of war instead of love. I am sure that many of you suffered from that like myself. If you are in a relation now that is truly loving, you are among the very few who are happy that way.

So why is it so important to Love?

Take a machine like a car for example, if it lacks oil the motor cannot work for long even though there is enough fuel in the tank, or a have fancy outer appearance. Love is like the oil, it makes our parts cooperate together. In the car, metal to metal wears the parts out. If we don’t have love for ourselves, we don’t value ourselves, or feel we deserve things that we need. It too wears us out, by not eating healthy, and engage in addictions, depression, anxiety and other such states of mind.

So what is Love, and why we have this feeling of Love?

Merriam Webster defines Love as a feeling of strong, or constant affection for a person, an attraction that includes sexual desire, and Google says it’s root comes from the Sanskrit word lubhyati meaning ‘desires.’ Basic desires and yearnings in our youth is due to hormones igniting our inner force of procreation — without it no more babies.

What is the difference of Love and ‘Real’ Love?

One definition goes like this: Love is an energy field generated in your heart that you experience as highly positive. In this case I am talking about something entirely different than sexual desires, and attachments to what is outside of you. To me it is a life force energy that keeps us alive and evolving. It is far more rewarding and sustaining than fleeting “in-love moments.”

If we look at our chakras, we may immediately notice what this means: In the Root chakra we love food and sleep, in the sacral chakra we love to be intimate, in the navel we love to have power, in the solar plexus we love discussing intellectual ideas, in the heart we love romance, in the throat we love to express, in the third eye we love wisdom and in the crown, if it is open we simply are in a state of ecstasy. That is the moment when your being joins with your Inner Heart center — A connection point between heaven and earth, or in other words you are connecting your physical being to the spiritual realms. That is the point of ‘real’ love.

How to reach and touch Love for Real?

As you read this you have already started your healing journey to that place. There are three things you can do now.

  1. Love Yourself. Feel the energy of love, first for you yourself. Yes loving you! Loving your body, your mind and who you are. At that moment it is a state of mind. Not a yearning for something outside of you.
  2. Share your Love without attachments. Now when you love you, you can share your love freely without fear of being exploited.
  3. Allow your heart to receive love. In this step allow others to give from their hearts, like accepting a compliment.

It is in the third step you can touch Love for Real.

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