Ten Healing Stones eBook

Ten Healing Stones | Guide Post to Living Well  is a New eBook on crystals describing the basic Ten Healing Stones used  for balancing health, prosperity and well being!ten healing stones ebook

Purchasing this eBook entitles you also to access the Chakra Introduction Training.

The topics includes the basic ten healing stones used for balancing your chakras and other crystal healing practices! It is the exploration in our inner system of energy and how to affect your subtle energy body with Crystals. Margherita Crystal Lotus gives a clear and brilliant over view of the most loved 10 healing stones that are worth having in any one collection.

The book is a result of her well attended Crystal Talks. Now you can take part of this very exiting presentation of the most essential data regarding Crystals and Healing.

The Ten Healing Stones |Guide Posts to Living Well eBook is directed to all audiences, for beginners: to gain quick insights about crystals and their properties, and for advanced users as an easy refresher in this much loved topic of “How to heal with Crystals.”

” The Ten Healing Stones | Guide posts for Living Well is beautifully put together with clear and concise descriptions and advice on the basics of a sometimes complex modality of Crystal Healing. I recommend this to anyone who want to refresh their knowledge on the basics of crystal wisdom! Wishing Margherita the best of success with this very essential eBook.” E.V. business professional, Toronto


  • 30 pages of practical life scenarios on how crystals can be used
  • detailed descriptions of each Crystal and chakra usage
  • Color images of each Crystal
  • down load PDF file for instant access!
  • Includes your Crystal Test & Certificate

100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you for some reason are not completely happy with The Ten Healing Stones we will promptly and courteously refund your money within 30 days.

Margherita Crystal LotusMargherita Crystal Lotus

The Crystal Lotus Team

Please do not miss this opportunity to learn about chakras. CAD 4.99