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Flower visualization for controlling emotions

Have you seen flower visualization for controlling emotions? This video shows how you can use flowers to gain control of your painful emotions such as anger and sadness and convert them into joy, happiness and peace.Flower Visualizations for Controlling Emotions
The idea to visualize a flower in a certain colour may turn a negative emotional state into a positive one. For example the walls in a home can use colours to enhance the purpose for a room.

  • Blue in bedrooms for restful sleep
  • Green in kitchens for making nutritious food
  • Yellow in an office to enhance positive actions
  • Orange in a kids playroom for them to have fun
  • Red in a dining room to engage appetite

How to use a flower visualization for controlling emotions?

The colours affect our emotions to a great degree. I was in a hospital a long time ago, and all the walls were gray. I remember how depressing it was to be there. But, when my friends and family brought me flowers, it made me feel good in-spite the pain I had.

In healing our emotions it is the same, the colour frequency affect us. Take the chakra system, which goes from deep red at the bottom and then upwards to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple and white. It is like a rainbow, to access every single frequency of visible light to nourish us.

A living flower brings out the natural energy for controlling emotions on a deeper level.

When meditating you can focus your mind on a flower with a specific colour to enhance your mood. These colours in my experience relate to specific emotional states:

  • White: Serenity
  • Lavender: Understanding & Clarity
  • Light-Blue: Calmness
  • Yellow: Happiness
  • Orange: Joy

There are many other colours as well, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. In the short video below you can see examples of flowers to visualize. In order to visualize a flower you first have to see it, so I selected a few in this video so you can visualize them easier.

[s3vpp id=c8159a3a643b7a4ba8aaa0243c612c97]

Tips for a flower visualization practice: 

Just do it a few times so you can remember what the flower looked like.

1. Be still and undisturbed
2. Look at a flower of your choice
3. Then close your eyes and see the flower inside you

When you are in a situation making you anxious, angry or sad etc.. You recall the flower and visualize it inside. I used this technique one time in a movie theatre. A group of friends joined me. But, one scene was very unpleasant and it did not help to close my eyes, or leave.

So, I asked inside for help, and a white lily spontaneously appeared in my heart. I had seen that lily before. It created a shield blocking out the sound. I was grateful and felt better. The evoking sound did not affect me.  As any introvert, I now knew from that point on, how protect myself  from the overwhelm of an external event like a movie, or when being in a loud crowd of people.

When a negative emotion, visual cue, or sound come up, this white flower has helped me to be continually serene and calm. You can try it too.

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