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The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals

Healing Book Description: The Crystal Lotus Handbook offers 608 pages of self-discovery methods for dealing with the challenges in your life. It is a resource of more than 300 crystal descriptions that explains crystal healing modalities, crystal meditations and as well personal stories that you can use for your own healing journey. It is lavishly illustrated with over 290 drawings and 64 color pages.

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More About: The Crystal Lotus Handbook – An Essential Guide to Crystals

Crystals are tools for personal transformation, and offer a powerful way of creating joyful living. Margherita share her personal journey to self healing in this handbook format available as a soft cover high quality print or a hard cloth cover sponsor edition.

Topics covered in the book:

Handbook for Mind Healing! Learn About:

1) Polarity Practice for healing our confusion, depression and reinstating our natural state of mental health. Healing our mind initiate healing for dealing with any physical problems as well.

2) Crystal Mesa, is a traditional medicine bundle used in ancient shamanic practices to restore balance, health and healing by paying attention to the natural elements of nature.

3) Gem Elixirs and Gem Waters are remedies similar to flower essences for balance our state of mind and restore health and well-being both emotionally and on the mental level.

Handbook for Emotional Balance! Learn About:

1) Crystal Healing Layouts to for chakra balancing and healing our subtle bodies with crystals.

2) Crystal Sphere Massage can be helpful for remedying stress and exhaustion but also for opening our energy channels. As a self treatment it surly relaxing and inspire us to rejuvenate and relax from stress and a busy life style. This is a new healing modality using crystal touch to physically and energetically affect acupressure points and our chakras.

3) The Crystal Moon Mandala to connect yourself with the natural rhythms of life by following the lunar cycle and its lessons. Each day of the lunar cycle has its individual elemental influence, which are expressed as a daily crystal signature. You can take advantage of the Crystal Moon Mandala to learn from the selected daily crystal to assist you on our personal quest for healing. It is a continuous crystal meditation that you can draw upon for your entire life.

Handbook for Creating Abundance! Learn About:

1) The Crystal Orb is a tool for manifestation of any project you can imagine, it uses the science of sacred geometry and the knowledge of mind to manifest abundance and generating prosperity can be manifested by building The Crystal Orb (formerly the GenesaTM Crystal Project).

By building this actual geometric structure and involving the elements earth, water, fire, air and space, the Crystal Orb builder creates the nurturing energy of abundance in his or her mind. This opens the doors to receive true prosperity and wealth in our physical and emotional life.  A detailed instruction for building you personal Crystal Orb is provided, so you can start right away with any material you have at hand.

Handbook for Activate Energy Awareness! Learn About:

1) Channeling energy with the Healing Hands practice help you to hone your skill as a healer, this is similar to Reiki which we benefit greatly to practice. If you already have Reiki, the Healing Hands practice may increase your flow and put energy work into a global perspective.

2) Placing stones in Crystal Grids to facilitate our own awareness of the energy environment we live in. Crystal grids provide a tool for setting healthier boundaries for yourself. This practice is helpful for protecting a home, room or personal space for peace and health of mind.

3) Crystal Wands as a spiritual tool for energy awareness and protection. You can make a personalized crystal wand to increase and balance your personal energy field. It is a special spiritual tool for younger persons and seasoned healers as well.

4) Crystal Spas provide a specialized crystal grid as a healing chamber. Four main crystal spas are described in The Crystal Lotus Handbook. The detailed instructions illustrate each crystal spas in detail with the stones used and what you can expect to attain with the practice.

Handbook for Personal Practices! Learn About:

1) Crystal Talismans and how they are made in The Crystal Lotus Handbook. You will find what a crystal talisman can be used for and how to make a personal crystal talisman for yourself. Find out how Crystal Talismans and healing jewelry become potent healing powers when they are made with conscious intent.

2) Crystal Lotus Tarot. For those who love the tarot, you will find the 22 major arcana or Crystal Tarot Archetypes depicted as crystal meditation images with affirmations and lessons to guide you and answer pertinent questions.

3) Crystal Yoga, a method of unifying our dualistic mind using crystals or crystal tools. This crystal handbook describes the precise steps you can take to master your life as you become committed you solve your own pain, suffering or difficult challenge.


“Blessings on The Crystal Lotus Handbook! May it be a healing balm to those who receive your love and healing through it. May it find its way into many hearts and home.”

Katrina Raphaell, author of “The Crystal Trilogy”

“This book simultaneously touches your heart and your mind. Very few writers can do that with their words, because that gift must come from the author’s heart. Margherita’s heart lives with crystals and she generously shares that with each and every one of us.”

Marilyn and Tohmas Twintrees, authors of “Stones Alive”

“The Crystal Lotus Handbook” is a lovely book which provides excellent information with respect to the techniques to be used for furthering the self and which are providing loving affirmation for utilization with many minerals. I highly recommend this book to all who are on the path.”

Melody, author of “LOVE IS IN THE EARTH”

“Margherita is to be congratulated on compiling the information in this book and presenting it in such heart-felt and readable format. Her depth of understanding and her gentle ways provide an opportunity for all to contemplate the inherent qualities of the Mineral World.”

Helen Murray, Inter-dimensional Artist, Crystal

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