What is Intuition and how to use it for navigating your life?

What is IntuitionIntuition is a 6th sense that you can develop with simple exercises, and to explore what Intuition is, I will share a story of my first encounter with intuition as a child. I was 8 years old at the time, an introvert kid with a vivid imagination ….

Most nights I had dreams of flying, which was exciting and freeing me from the responsibilities of being the oldest of 5 siblings.  But this particular night I simply looked through the window into the sky filled with stars. It usually helped me fall asleep. My mind was wide open in a sort of in-between state. The stars inspired me and I thought to myself: Where does all this come from? I became aware of a subtle flow underneath my thoughts, a sense of unity inside of me. I remembered that I had experienced this before, and sometimes it came out as a voice of an angel.

Suddenly a deep yearning welled up inside to explore the universe. The stars and the sky seemed to flow into my mind. It was a sense of complete unity with everything in that moment. It filled me with wonder and created a deep desire to explore why the stars could be inside of me and also so far away at the same time. That was the moment when I realized that this subtle stream of light I felt as the sky and everything else in it was there inside and outside me all the time. It felt so alive and conscious. Ever since that time I wanted to learn more about what I experienced, it was the desire to find the meaning of life.

Why opening up to Intuition is a life saving skill

Intuition is our inner Guidance System. It is similar to radar equipment on a ship. The captain uses it to avoid sailing into a reef, or other ships.  On the screen he can see where the dangers are. The radar is set to detect the objects that matters for the ships safety and navigation. The key is to scan for the right objects and frequencies.

On the basic level Intuition appears as our gut feeling alerting us about dangers. On the intellectual level it appears as psychic powers, which are prominent in some people.  On the higher levels it appears as divine guidance, or intervention. If you listen to your mind stream carefully, you may detect what is coming from:

  • Background noise
  • Self- talk
  • True Guidance

Imagine if you paid attention to all the noise in your environment. It could be actual sounds, or energies around you.  Normally we filter it out, because otherwise we would become overwhelmed. This is called background, or white noise.

Self-Talk needs explanation here. It is what goes on constantly in our mind. It is the stream of thoughts that creates how you see and act in your life.  Usually it is a single voice who talks. That is probably your ego. What you may not know is that our ego is a protective mechanism inside that operates from what worked (and not worked) in the past. Ego is reluctant to make any changes. So, if you are stuck, you will get even more stuck because ego resists change.

Guidance is entirely different.  It gives you prompts, which feels like an angel talking into your ear.  That is of course an illustration, because I never actually saw it. I only perceived it somewhere in my mind. But, that perception was always clear, to the point and without judgments or guilt. In the picture I illustrate it with a flow coming down from above.

Intuition is our Guidance System – our Personal Radar

Notice the triangle on the forehead. I drew it there to mark the pineal gland, which is in the centre of our brain. I feel it is the part of us that connects with this guidance.  This gland relates to the crown chakra. That is why we also need our chakras to be balanced.  In my experience our inner guidance system contains 5 elements:

  1. Physical body: The Pineal gland
  2. Energy body: The chakra system
  3. Mindset: Your Motivation to change
  4. Take action: Responding  with aligned action
  5. Open to learn:  Listening for Guidance

In the recent Intuition Retreat at Enchantment, we went through the process of opening up to the stream of Guidance and train the skill of Intuition. This is the first step. Developing Intuition needs a process for removing the filters we have in the mind. And we worked on that. It was like seeing flower buds open up their petals and shine. Everyone has a guidance system, but it takes some practice to apply it to its full potential.

What are the benefits of developing Intuition and the inner Guidance System?

When your guidance system is aligned you will not feel doubt or hesitation. You just connect and check in. It removes our limited self image and expands our awareness of what goes on in our world. It is an awakening. It is said that the crown chakra do not come to full maturity until late in life, however we can start to prepare for this at any time, the sooner the better chance you have for taking command of your life.


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Crystal Field

A Twin Crystal with it’s surrounding energy field is the essence of how crystals can help us heal.

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Rainbows symbolize your dreams…

your healing jouney

Rainbows guide us to our deepest dreams.

What does it mean to you living your dream life and know your calling?   A rainbow is light reflected through moisture. And we see the amazing colours shift in our minds eye. You see it on the screen of your mind. You are there with the rainbow. You may be in awe, and experience the beauty of it. Other people may not even see it. But, you saw this Rainbow here.

So what stops us dead in the tracks, and blow your Dreams and the Rainbows away?

Most of people feel that they cannot do it, and then continue to explain one of 49 versions of: Why it is impossible, and why they are right about it! Those people have a life riddled with pain, hurting arguments, and afraid to go straight to the edge of their worst fears. But, if you are like myself and others who sometimes are in a place of doubt and fear, you know that facing your fears is the only way. All you got to do now is to take the first tiny step.

Rainbows symbolize your dreams and guides us to our calling hiding behind our darkest clouds

Rainbows symbolize our deepest dreams, aspirations and hopes. It is perhaps a sign of the most unattainable goal that you cannot have. However lofty your goals are, the first thing you engage when you want something is your imagination. It is not real yet, it lives in your mind.

Many people have this idea that: If I only have (X), my life would be perfect. Then, I could do (Y)Instead of turning it around to: When I do (Y) then I would have (X), which makes my life perfect. What you may not know is that if you hold your dream long enough in your mind, you actually have started the journey to your destination.

Are you ready to touch your inner rainbows where your dreams are and go for what you really want? If you say yes to this you also open the door for it to be possible. Then you in a position to embark on your healing journey to what you want. And, if you allow yourself to do it with some help, it may be a lot easier to do than being alone. Below I have prepared a little breathing routine that clears your head and gets your energy flowing, so you can get started. I call it: Spring Practices to get Joy in your step. Download it Here! See also the previous post for the video demonstration of these practices.

The true calling in your heart needs to be met, and when your personal Rainbow comes near – take the leap!

Margherita Crystal Lotus





Rainbow Photo by: JVD Photography