Chakra Healing Workshop

Chakra Healing is the healing we do in our energy body. It affects our entire body, our mind and our total life experience. When you heal, you first have to heal the energy leaks and clear built-up of negativity inside. You may also have to engage in changing a number of things such as the way you think, and what you believe to be true. Learn more about how you too can begin your healing journey to improved health, perfect finances and a happy life. Attend for free!

chakra healing workshop

 To attend this FREE Live Chakra Healing Workshop:

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In this FREE 2 hour workshop you will learn the essential techniques for healing your chakras, so that you can stay more focused, appreciate your life better and even make more money.As well you will learn what crystal tools to use and why. Participants will receive a detailed handout at the beginning of this live class.

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