Understanding Karmic Returns

Understanding Karmic Returns and how they help you?

understanding karmic returns

Me and my awesome mother, a great Karmic Return for both of us.

In my life I have had something called Karmic Returns, both really bad and also very good ones. I endured abuse in my last relationship, and I ended up with a bruised heart and a huge debt. Understanding karmic returns is vital for moving forward. The good thing is I changed, and accepted that I had attracted this, plus forgave the whole thing. But for more than 3 years after that I suffered as money did not come easy. The good karmic return was that it was completed after those 3 years. 

Understanding what karmic returns are?

Karma is the condensed energy of our actions combined with our intentions. It stretches over many life times according to the eastern mind view.

An example: The surgeon open the chest with a knife of his patient to try to save her heart and life, but unfortunately it was too late and the patient passed over. A murderer does the same thing, to a person he despises and kills through this act. The outcome for the person in these two examples is the same, but the intention was not the same. The surgeon incurred good karma, but the criminal gets the worst karma possible.

Bad karma, is what is going on if you have unfortunate things happen to you. But reaping a good fortune is like an inheritance coming your way. In a way it balances your negative karma. Best is to avoid creating bad karma’s, and focus on not harming anyone, especially yourself.

In recent months many happy things have appeared for me. A few very dedicated clients came to me for help. Now, they are with me for private programs of 6 or 12 months. I love that. To do a single healing session, can make a difference for someone with a great deal of pain, but continuous support over time is far more helpful. We have repeated our patterns over and over, and if you do not have support, it may take a very long time to overcome.

What understanding your Karmic Returns can do

The karmic patterns goes deep, it forms your persona’s and how your emotional states appear. If you do not believe in karma, still it is a good way of explaining what is going on under the hood in our emotional body.
During my 18 years of healing, I certainly have experienced this up front and center. Being abused, is not fun. It actually shocked me. After that happened, I connected with all kinds of emotional states like worthlessness, lack of confidence, being a martyr, or worse, as a victim. It’s not easy. However, I knew that blame and avoidance would not solve it. But,it took some time to realize it. 
Thanks to family and friends, plus the teachings of my teachers and mentors have been worth gold. Without their support, I might not have made it.
Today, I live a balanced life of joy and gratitude for what I learned over the years. You can do this too. It is never too late.
And as the Dalai Lama says: 
Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.
Never give up!

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