How to release painful emotions?

how to release painful emotions

Can you release painful emotions?

Have you tried to release painful emotions and could not do it? Our inside world can be covered by these emotions. And if we do not pay attention to them our world is not happy even though we are on vacation. Emotions are triggered by our perceptions of words, symbols, and other peoples behaviour. What comes up in an emotional reaction is what we have suppressed before. It is like a person locking in a skunk in the basement. And then she forgets all about it.  But, anytime she feels a whiff of it, she rejects it, covers her nose and avoid it, or blame the neighbour’s compost pile.

Obviously you can see that removing that skunk and its smell, would solve the problem. You don’t have to kill the skunk, you just have to free him. He has his own life to deal with and it is not your business.  It is the same with negative emotions, they stink! Others can sense it, and they might react to them.

Negative emotions like anger, sadness and jealousy also lower how we value ourselves. We cannot see love through a curtain of red-hot rage!  So take a look at the video below, where I talk about how to release painful emotions and become aware of what you can do about it.

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Other Resources:

Colouring is a technique that helps to release painful emotions. In this book: Where Heart Touches Matter by Margherita, you can learn about chakras and use the chakra drawings to help heal  and release painful emotions, it also includes a course on chakras. Click the picture below to learn more!

Chakra Colouring book by Margherita

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