Holiday compassion, or everyday caring

My Christmas Holiday Message is this: Are you caring less for another human being, than you care about yourself. Or, are you caring more about others then yourself? If you answer yes on one of these questions you maybe pay attention to your inner state of Compassion, and learn about what our Energy Body tells us in this video training!

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Does Emotional Control work?

learn healing crystals live training ctaHave you ever been in Love.. then you know that Emotional Control does not work! 

Your whole being is filled with wondrous feelings and the mind is drifting in a pink cloud somewhere. The opposite can also happen when we let a negative emotion take over and loose control of our awareness. Depression, anxiousness, sadness and various states of stressful experiences can take over and run havoc inside.

What to do when you are distracted and loose your emotional control? 

One way is to not to resist the feelings that comes up. Allow them to flow!

Try this out: If you sit on dry land inside a tower with an overview of the world. Can you at the same time swim with the Dolphins in the sea? The answer is no! Unless you have had the experience of it already. You then know that the ocean is wide, wild and wet. That is part of the experience. It can be a pleasure, or a near death scenario. It all depends…

The subconscious mind catalogues all our experiences into files labelled “Good” or “Bad.”  It is part of our learning. If a person cannot swim it can be a frightful fending for his or her life, whereas a professional diver thrives when swimming. Going back to our emotions, if a person is not comfortable experience strong emotions, and tries to avoid them that is when things get complicated.

Two things can happen: He, or she may dump the emotion on someone else, or suppress the emotion. But, if we take up the practice of allowing our emotions, then we can own them even if they are uncomfortable. And then we do not build up emotional baggage, or hurting other people.

The guy/gal called ego likes to sit high up in his/her tower and supervise the world with complete autonomy and emotional control.

Invite your ego to participate instead, and co-create a better life experience for yourself, by allowing emotions to flourish.

Join Us Live! is a live event where I talk about how we can create Abundance, Health and Joy by using our mind and crystal tools to heal our emotional wounds and restore our natural ability to allow the flow of all emotions. 

In this Free 3-part Live Training Series you will learn the essential properties of Crystals and various Crystal combinations that facilitate Healing on a deep level for dealing with emotional pain and overwhelm in your life and:

  • Restore depleted energy to Beauty and Health
  • Reversing financial problems to Confident Abundance
  • Overcoming stress to attain your Calm State of Mind
  • Releasing your emotions and Being Heard
  • Being stuck, or lost to open your Intuition and Healing Ability
  • Stop doubting yourself into exploring your Spirituality and Guidance

This training is for you if you are interested in crystals for healing and want to learn how you personally can heal yourself using crystal tools. You will learn about Healing with Crystal Grids, Crystal Hand Tools and Crystal Layouts.

You need only to register once to attend the Encore Live Training series by clicking the link to join. Replays will be made available to you. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn more about yourself and what your capabilities are. Click the link below:

Join Us Live!


Humour Heals!

We create happy molecules when we engage humour, humour heals. In this episode you will see two silly coaches get together for fun! And if you are depressed, or feel anxious this may shift this low mode or bad hair day into a juicy and positive state of mind! Enjoy..

Make your day and let “humour heals” sink into your mind!